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Category Item Image Caliber Description Condition Price
Category Item Image Caliber Description Condition Price
handgunBeretta NanoBeretta Nano9mm3.07" barrel, One 8 round and one 6 round magazineUSED$370.00
handgunBeretta PX4 StormBeretta PX4 Storm.40 SW4" barrel, Two 14 round magazines, manual safety and interchangeable backstrapsUSED$460.00
handgunBersa BP9CCBersa BP9CC9mm3.3" barrel, Black polymer frame, Black Steel Slide, DAO, 8+1 rounds NEW$394.99
handgunCharter Arms Off DutyCharter Arms Off Duty.38 special +P, 2" barrel, 5 rounds, Stainless Steel and Aluminum alloy NEW$374.99
handgunCobra C22BPCobra C22BP.22 LR2.5" barrel, 2 shot derringerNEW$139.00
handgunCZ P-07 CZ P-07 .40 SW3.8" barrel, Two 16 round magazines, Omega Trigger System, Decocker can be changed to manual safetyNEW$479.99
handgunDiamondback DB9Diamondback DB99mmDAO, 3" barrel, One 6 round magazine, Fixed 3 dot sightsNEW$340.00
handgunEAA SAR ST10EAA SAR ST109mm4.52" barrel, Two 16 round magazines, Holster and double magazine holsterNEW$480.00
handgunEAA Witness-PEAA Witness-P9mmSA/DA, Black polymer frame with rail, 3.6" barrel, 16 + 1 roundsNEW$385.00
handgunFNH FNS-40FNH FNS-40.40 SW4" blackened stainless steel slide, 3 dot night sights, Interchangeable backstraps. Ambidextrous slide stop, safety, and magazine release. Three 14 round magazinesNEW$550.00
handgunFNH FNS-40FNH FNS-40.40 SW4" blackened stainless steel slide, 3 dot sights, Interchangeable backstraps. Ambidextrous slide stop, safety, and magazine release. Three 14 round magazinesNEW$520.00
handgunGlock 23 Gen 3Glock 23 Gen 3.40 SWTwo 13 round magazinesNEW$499.00
handgunGlock 26 Gen 4Glock 26 Gen 49mmThree 10 round magazines, Interchangeable backstrapsNEW$539.00
handgunGlock 30 Gen 4Glock 30 Gen 4.45 ACPThree 10 round magazines, Interchangeable backstrapsNEW$585.00
handgunGlock 42Glock 42.380 ACP3.25" barrel, 6 + 1 rounds, comes with one 6 round magazineNEW$409.00
handgunHeritage Rough Rider Heritage Rough Rider .22 LRSingle Action, 4 5/8" blued barrel, 6 roundsNEW$170.00
handgunKahr CM40Kahr CM40.40 SW5 + 1 rounds, Stainless slide, Lasermax laserNEW$449.99
handgunNighthawk Custom DominatorNighthawk Custom Dominator10mmNighthawk Custom fully adjustable sights. All inserts have white rings for good daytime acquisition. Blade has anti-snag pyramid shape. 5" Match Grade barrel with bushing. Barrel is crowned and beveled flush with the bushing. Stainless steel frame with Black Nitride slide. Serrated slide top 25 Line-per-inch checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing. Serrated rear of slide. Complete de-horn and ready for carry. Coco-bolo grips with laser engraved Nighthawk Custom logo. Front and rear cocking serrations. Ambi safety.NEW$3,250.00
handgunRossi R35202Rossi R35202.38 special2" barrel, 5 rounds, Stainless steel, Rubber gripsNEW$350.00
handgunRuger BearcatRuger Bearcat.22 LR4.2" barrel, Stainless, Adjustable sightsNEW$575.00
handgunRuger LC380Ruger LC380.380 ACP3.12" barrel, 7+1 roundsNEW$389.00
handgunRuger LC9-SRuger LC9-S9mm3.12" barrel, Slim polymer frame, 7 + 1 rounds, Comes with a zip up carry pouchNEW$399.99
handgunRuger LCPRuger LCP.380 ACPBlack on black, 1 magazine, 6 +1 rounds, Double action onlyNEW$309.99
handgunRuger LCPRuger LCP.380 ACPStainless Slide, 1 magazine, 6 +1 rounds, Double action onlyNEW$339.99
handgunRuger LCRRuger LCR.38 special1.875" barrel, Matte Black polymer Frame, Hogue Tamer Monogrip, DAO, 5 roundsNEW$449.99
handgunRuger LCRRuger LCR.357 magnum1.875" barrel, Matte Black polymer Frame, Hogue Tamer Monogrip, DAO, 5 roundsNEW$509.99
handgunRuger MKIIIRuger MKIII.22 LR4.75" tapered barrel, Blued, 10 round magazineNEW$339.99
handgunRuger SP101Ruger SP101.357 magnum2.25" barrel, 5 roundsNEW$520.00
handgunRuger SR22PBRuger SR22PB.22 LR3.5" barrel, Two 10 round magazines, Interchangeable gripUSED$325.00
handgunRuger SR40cRuger SR40c.40 SWReversible backstrap, 9 and 15 round magazinesNEW$419.99
handgunSig Sauer MosquitoSig Sauer Mosquito.22 LR3.9" barrel, Two 10 round magazines, Ambidextrous safety, Picatinny rail, Polymer frameUSED$350.00
handgunSmith and Wesson 442Smith and Wesson 442.38 specialCentennial Airweight, 1.875" barrel, Matte black alloy, 5 roundsNEW$425.00
handgunSmith and Wesson 638Smith and Wesson 638.38 special+P, 1 7/8" barrel, Stainless steel frame, 5 rounds, Shrouded hammerNEW$419.99
handgunSmith and Wesson 686Smith and Wesson 686.357 magnumPerformance Center, 2 1/2" barrel, 7 rounds, Custom wood grips, Unfluted cylinder, Glass beaded stainless steelNEW$999.99
handgunSmith and Wesson M & PSmith and Wesson M & P.40 SWCompact, Two 10 round magazines, Interchangeable backstrapsNEW$469.99
handgunSmith and Wesson M&P ShieldSmith and Wesson M&P Shield9mm3.1" barrel, 7 and 8 round magazinesNEW$409.99
handgunSmith and Wesson M&P ShieldSmith and Wesson M&P Shield.40 SW3.1" barrel, 6 and 7 round magazinesNEW$409.99
handgunSpringfield Armory XD Mod 2Springfield Armory XD Mod 29mmDAO, 3" barrel, One 13 + 1 and one 16 +1 magazine, Mod 2 with Grip Zone, Fiber optic front siteNEW$509.99
handgunSpringfield Armory XD Mod 2Springfield Armory XD Mod 2.45 ACP3.3" barrel, One 9 round and one 13 round magazineNEW$535.00
handgunTaurus 24/7Taurus 24/7.40 SW4.2" barrel, Stainless slide and polymer frame, Two 15 round magazines, Ambidex mag release, Interchangeable backstrapsNEW$425.00
handgunTaurus 24/7Taurus 24/79mm4.2" barrel, Three 17 round magazines, Excellent shapeUSED$400.00
handgunTaurus PT1911Taurus PT1911.45 ACP5" stainless steel slide, Two 8 round magazinesNEW$599.99
handgunWalther P22QWalther P22Q.22 LR3.4" threaded barrel, Black on black, One 10 round magazineNEW$330.00
handgunWalther P99c ASWalther P99c AS9mmBlack polymer, 10 + 1 rounds, Adjustable backstraps, 2 magazinesNEW$528.99
rifleDPMS LR-308DPMS LR-308.308 Win.24" Stainless Steel Bull Barrel, One 20 round magazine, A2 stock, Flat Top, Hard Case, Excellent ConditionUSED$1,100.00
rifleMarlin 336RCMarlin 336RC.35 Rem1966 20" barrel, blued finish, lever action. Very clean and very good shape.USED$450.00
rifleMarlin X7Marlin X7.243 Win.22" blued barrel, black synthetic stock, 4 + 1 rounds, 1:10 twist, Pro-trigger, 3-9 x 40 scopeNEW$370.00
rifleMossberg 702 PlinksterMossberg 702 Plinkster.22 LR18" barrel with black synthetic stockUSED$180.00
rifleRemington 783Remington 783.30-0622" barrel, 4+1 rounds, Black synthetic stockNEW$424.99
rifleRossi Rio GrandeRossi Rio Grande.30-30 Win.20" blued barrel with wood stock, 6 + 1 roundsNEW$420.00
rifleRuger 10/22 Ruger 10/22 .22 LR18.5" barrel, hardwood stock, 10 round rotary magazine, iron sightsNEW$239.99
rifleRuger 10/22Ruger 10/22.22 LRBlack synthetic stock with fiber optic sights and lasermax laserNEW$319.00
rifleRuger 10/22Ruger 10/22.22 LR18.5" barrel, Gold bead front sight, Black synthetic stock, One 10 round magazineNEW$239.99
rifleRuger American Ruger American  .22 magnum18" barrel, Adjustable trigger, Fiber optic front sightNEW$299.99
rifleRuger AmericanRuger American.243 Win.22" matte finish barrel, Black composite stock, Adjustable trigger, 1:9 inch twist, 6 groove rifling, No sights, Drilled and tapped for scopeNEW$350.00
rifleRuger M77 HawkeyeRuger M77 Hawkeye.30-0622" barrel, All weather brown Hogue overmold stockNEW$699.00
rifleRuger M77 Hawkeye Compact MagnumRuger M77 Hawkeye Compact Magnum.338 RCM20" Brushed stainless steel barrel that has been Mag-Na-Ported, 3 round capacity, Comes with rings, Black Hogue Overmold stock, 12 roundds of Hornady 200 gr. SST ammo, 16 rounds of Hornady 225 gr. SST ammo and a set of RCBS reloading diesUSED$725.00
rifleSavage Arms Model 110BASavage Arms Model 110BA.338 Lapua26" fluted barrel, Adjustable stock, Rails, Bipod, 5 round detachable magazine, Excellent condition USED$2,200.00
rifleSavage Arms Model 42Savage Arms Model 42.22 LR/.410Over and under, 20" barrel, Used but in excellent shape, Comes with slingUSED$380.00
rifleThompson Center VentureThompson Center Venture.308 Win.22" Blued barrel with 5R rifling, Adjustable trigger, 60 degree bolt tilt, 3 + 1 rounds, Black synthetic stockNEW$484.99
shotgunMossberg 500Mossberg 50012 ga.20" barrel with heat shield, Both full stock and pistorl grip, 7 + 1 roundsNEW$349.99
shotgunMossberg 500Mossberg 500.41024" vented barrel, Pump action, 2.5" 5 +1 rounds, Wood stockNEW$369.99
shotgunMossberg 500 FieldMossberg 500 Field20 ga.26" vented rib barrel, 5 + 1 rounds, Hardwood stock, Multi choke, 3" chamberNEW$369.99
shotgunMossberg 835 Turkey Mossberg 835 Turkey 12 ga.24" ported barrel, Camo, Multi choke, 3 1/2 inch chamber, Mathews Harmonic Recoil DamperNEW$549.99
shotgunRemington 877 Nitro Magnum TacticalRemington 877 Nitro Magnum Tactical12 ga.18.5" Stepped rib barrel, Pump action, Picatinny rails, 3.5" chamber, 6 + 1 roundsNEW$489.99
shotgunRock Island Armory M5 PumpRock Island Armory M5 Pump12 ga.20" barrel, Fixed choke, 5 + 1 roundsNEW$225.00
muzzleloaderCVA FrontierCVA Frontier.45 calPercussion, Black Powder, 28" octagon barrel, Half stockUSED$200.00
muzzleloaderDixie Gun Works Lancaster PercussionDixie Gun Works Lancaster Percussion.45 calPercussion, Black Powder, 35 1/4" octagon barrel, Full stockUSED$650.00